Heavy Equipment Bodywork in British Columbia

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Heavy industrial equipment may be made to stand up to the rough and tumble of high-intensity applications, but that doesn’t mean it’s indestructible or immune to damage. In fact, over time your heavy machinery and other equipment is bound to take some damage, resulting in more than just stripped paint or a few dents.

When you require repairs or cosmetic work for your heavy equipment auto body in British Columbia, make Fraser River Paint and Body Ltd. your premier destination. We’re the area’s leading expert on a wide range of restorative services for heavy equipment machinery and vehicles, including:

glass repair

Glass repair

Cracked or damaged glass on your heavy equipment can be a hazard for operators and dangerous on jobsites. We can replace these panels and repair glass damages to restore the fullest level of protection and safety.

wheel alignment issues


Axel damage and drive drain issues can cause severe alignment distortion in many heavy vehicles, resulting in other types of damages. We repair alignment issues to set your vehicles straight again.

shiny new paint


After years on rough jobsites and weathering the elements, the paint job on your machinery is bound to blemish, strip and fade. We restore it to a pristine luster and can even help you brand your equipment with custom paint jobs. When we’re done, your machinery will look as good as it functions.

big semi dent

Dent removal

If dents and dings have begun to damage the façade of your equipment, it’s time to get them remediated before they invite in rush or other damages. We restore heavy machinery to its fullest integrity, to ensure the frame and structure are sound and reliable.

rusted car metal

Rust remediation

If rust has befallen your equipment due to abuse and the elements, trust our team to remediate and absolve it. We’ll stop rust from spreading to help you maintain your equipment for longer.

Our varying services for industrial collision repair in British Columbia extend to all types of vehicles, including emergency vehicles, garbage trucks, motor homes and just about anything else on wheels.

For more information about how we can assist you with auto body repairs and restoration, please contact us today by calling 604-528-4063.