DrivePur™ Vehicle Sanitizing in New Westminster, BC

Did you know that your vehicle might be up to 1700% dirtier than your home? It’s true! While our homes often get a thorough cleaning, our vehicles can harbor bacteria, microbes, mold spores and harmful germs for long periods of time. You could be putting your health in harm’s way every time you get behind the wheel! We have the solution!

The solution to protecting yourself and refreshing your vehicle is vehicle sanitizing. At Fraser River Paint & Body Ltd., we bring New Westminster, Burnaby, Vancouver, and Surrey, BC drivers the very best results and protection using the DrivePur difference.

How Does it Work?

By using a two step process.

  • Stage 1: FRESCH is a botanically derived, EPA Registered (34810-25) disinfectant. FRESCH cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes while killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including SARS-CoV-2, the virus the causes COVID-19. APPROVED BY HEALTH CANADA – Canada Health # DIN 02507188
  • Stage 2: DrivePur is an innovative cleaner, that when applied, creates a coating on the surface. This coating continually cleans this surface for up to 6 months by utilizing light sources such as the sun.

Sanitizing Vehicle hotspots

You might not realize it but these area can contain hundreds of times more bacteria than even the dirtiest places in your home, like the bathroom! The DrivePur system helps to eliminate pathogens in these areas to insure you are not affecting you or your family’s health.


Sanitizing Vehicle Hotspots

Even if you vacuum or detail your car, there are areas that are easy to miss and even harder to clean thoroughly. Take a look at the top four areas for vehicle sanitizing in your car:

  • Floor mats
  • Steering wheel/handles/handbrake
  • Cracks/crevices in seats and cup holders
  • Air vents

You might not realize it, but these areas can contain hundreds of times more bacteria than even the dirtiest places in your home, like the bathroom! DrivePur completely eliminates pathogens in these areas, to ensure they’re not affecting your health and wellness.


Why Sanitize Your Vehicle?

Aside from the general eradication of germs and other bacteria, there are many benefits for British Columbia drivers who choose DrivePur sanitization:

  • Helps prevent breathing contaminated air and dissolve harmful pollutants
  • Restoring and refreshing your ventilation and air conditioning system
  • Helps sanitize and wash away harmful germs, bacteria and odors
  • It’s a green botanical, non-toxic product, safe for children and pets

If you’re ready to restore the freshness and safety to your vehicle, contact Fraser River Paint & Body Ltd. today to inquire about the DrivePur difference. Contact us at 604-528-4063 to schedule an appointment, or come in during business hours and use our drive-through! Don’t forget about our services for fleet collision repair and heavy equipment auto body work.